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Smart Wiring consist of all of your communications wiring including, Structured Cabling (Phones and Computer Networking cabling), MATV (Master Antenna Television), Distributed RF Audio/Video, Satellite services and Cable TV services.

Smart Wiring allows you to view and control reticulated signals such as DVD's, VCR's and security cameras from any TV set in your home, makes moving a phone or computer network to another point easy and efficiently.

Smart Wiring is configured and wired in a star system, that means all of the cabling from each room is run back to one central location in the home, to a distribution system.

The distribution system houses a labelled patching system for the structured cabling (phone and networking cabling) allowing the end user to make simple changes to phone, data and TV outlets around the home. The distribution system all so houses the smarts of the MATV (Master Antenna Television) system which allows the reticulation of signals from , security cameras, DVD, VCR and Pay TV to be viewed by all TV's connected around the home.

The Smart Wiring distribution system can not only reticulate the video signals from devices but can also allow control of these devices from another room using the devices infra-red remote control.

We can help and advise on a Smart Wiring system for you and your budget. From choosing the best location in your home to assessing your current system and future requirements.


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