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Smart, Safe and Sound has been providing Home & Building Automation for over 8 years and are proud to provide our customers with the very best in installation/service quality and professionalism.

Whether you are an Electrician, DIY Handyman or an end user after a simple system controlling lighting to a full integrated system controlling all of your homes or building appliances we can design a solution to suit you.

Things such as Lighting, Power, Air-Conditioning, Heating,  Blinds and Curtains, Sprinklers, Security, Pool and Spa, Gates and Doors, Lifts, Home Theatres, Multi-Room Audio and CCTV Camera's can be integrated and be controlled via one or multiple keypads, Touch Screens, Computers, Telephones and Mobile Phones.

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What is Home Automation (Smart Home).

Home Automation or Smart Homes which it is being commonly called, is a home with smart technologies, which integrate to each other, whether it be simply security to irrigation control or fully integrated lighting, security, audio and Air-conditioning.


You cannot install a successful Smart Home without correct designing and a number of considerations and technologies must be thought through. EG.

System Requirements EG. Lighting control, Security, Multi-room Audio etc.

Clients Lifestyle

System compatibility

How the system is to be integrated

Ease of use

Clients expectationsC-BUS Neo Key Input


Future Expansions and Future Technologies



As there are many Home Automation systems out there in the market place claming that they do all, with our experience we have found that a system that is designed for lighting control that claims to also handle security, is primary design for lighting control with a little security added on.

We don't believe in this type of product, it may handle lighting control well but when is comes to security it just doesn't stand up to a standard security panel.

At Smart, Safe and Sound we don't just install the one home automation product, we pride ourselves in designing the best solution by using products that are leaders in there industry and integrating the products together, so you get a complete system that works seamlessly  together and easy to use.

Home Automation, correctly installed makes your home energy efficient and life more comfortable, such things as turning off all the lights when you leave home, phoning home before you leave from work to turn the heating or cooling on, giving you a message to remember to take out the garbage or maybe greet you in the morning with a your favourite stock prices or the days weather on a touch screen.

Nothing is impossible, Home Automation is only limited by your imagination. We can design, build and integrate the best Home Automation solution for your needs and your budget.

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