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With today's technology a Smart Security system is programmed and tailored to your needs with integration to the other devices in your home. The days of feeling like a prisoner in your own home are gone forever.

Smart security can monitor your home whether your away or you are at home asleep. Monitoring of doors, movement detectors, glass break detectors, smoke detectors and even fridges/freezers and sump pumps are some of the devices the system can monitor.

A Smart Security system can turn on lighting when a security breach has been detected or a smoke detector has gone into alarm, turn on and off Air-Conditioning and Lighting when it is armed and it can also tell you what time the kids come home at night.

Access control can be placed on entry and exit doors and gates around the home to provide keyless entry, there is no need to take keys when going for a walk or giving keys to maintenance people.

With powerful processing, access codes can be setup for gardeners and cleaners to only allow them to access doors and gates on certain days between certain times.

CCTV (Closed Circuit TV) camera's mounted at the front door or around the home can be viewed on monitors or injected into the homes TV system so any TV in the home can view any camera at any time. Digital recorders with hard drives can be installed with recording times from weeks to years available, network viewing is also possible, from any computer on the network or from your office.

Secured Remote Access can be controlled via a mobile phone using SMS (Short Message Service), controlling Alarms, Doors/Gates and other devices. Messages can also be sent to mobile phones for any status the system has registered EG: Intruder Alarm

We can help and advise on the best Smart Security system for you and your budget. From assessing your home to designing a system for your lifestyle.


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