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Home Theatre

With today's technology means you can now have the best seats in the house in your own home. With your very own home theatre, complete with big screen TV, you can enjoy theatre quality viewing at home. As we enter the new millennium, custom audio and video installation, home theatre, Multi-Room Audio, DVD and electronic integration are all becoming buzz words of home electronics. This technology is no longer the domain solely of those who can afford  mansions. Many people who are building project homes or extending their existing homes are considering setting up a dedicated home theatre room or installing Multi-Room Audio throughout the home..

In simple terms home theatre is the combination of a high quality "monitor" television (one with a high resolution picture or Projector, video inputs and a good quality surround-sound system. Nowadays all home theatres include Dolby Digital/Dolby Pro Logic surround-sound by using at least 5 speakers with a powered subwoofer.



A custom home theatre can take the clutter inherent to theatre rooms and disguise it, electronic components can be hidden away in cabinets and walls, projectors may be concealed in custom-made coffee tables or bulkheads, speakers can be flush mounted to walls and ceilings, and retractable projection screens just disappear into overhead cavities.

Multi-Room Audio

A Multi Room Audio you can hear your favorite music anywhere in the home while another family member listens to something else in a another room. Every room is able to select and control what is playing with individual volume  just by the touch of a button.

Multi Room Audio with just the push of one or two buttons enables you to make your choice of music available instantly. No more fighting with buttons on your stereo equipment.

A Multi Room Audio systems feature high-quality components discretely concealed in a central audio/video area. Within your Home keypads will be located throughout your home serving as convenient command stations that forward requests for volume, radio station, CD track, etc., to the central control system. Instantly, the room or area you're in or the entire house, if you desire, comes alive with beautiful stereo music playing through discrete speakers installed flush into the walls or ceilings.

We can design build and integrate a home theatre or Multi-Room system for you and your budget. From choosing the best location in your home to assessing your current system.


Home Theatre


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