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Clipsal's new C-Bus Wiser makes using the technology in your home easier and more convenient by providing seamless control of music, home cinemas, air conditioning, lighting, sprinkler systems, security.




Dynamic Labelling Technology Key Input


Clipsal's new Dynamic Labelling Technology™ has been
incorporated in C-Bus Saturn and Neo units allowing C-Bus
installers to electronically label switches according to the                          
requirements of the user and easily change this labelling via
software, as required.
Dynamic Labelling Technology™ switches incorporate
editable LCD text or bitmap labels, plus function indicators
such as bar-graphs. The units have eight programmable
buttons for C-Bus Group/Scene control over two pages, with
a Scroll button to toggle between these pages. The 64 x 128
pixel LCD screen incorporates a backlight. Text, sliders and
bitmaps can be defined in the C-Bus Toolkit software and
downloaded to the unit via a C-Bus network.

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C-BUS Dynamic Labelling Technology Switch






C-BUS Forum
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C-BUS Wireless
C-BUS DLT Key Input
















Clipsal C-BUS 2005 New Products

New Products 2005

C-BUS Wireless


The C-Bus Wireless product range incorporates a family of
C-Bus Radio Frequency (RF) devices, including Wall Plates,
Plug Adaptors, Remote Control and a Gateway to Cat-5
Wired C-Bus units.
C-Bus Wireless Wall Plates are designed to easily replace
standard, 240V wall switches. They incorporate patented
Clipsal technology and are two wires devices requiring no
Neutral (240V a.c. Active and Load connections only).
All C-Bus Wireless units incorporate Clipsal C-Bus’ unique
Learn Mode functions for programming devices. Wall Plates,
Plug Adaptors and the Gateway unit can also be programmed
via the C-Bus Toolkit software. Multiple C-Bus Wireless units
can be linked into a common network using Learn Mode or the
C-Bus Toolkit software.
Associations can be created between buttons on multiple
units, so that a button press on one unit will operate a button
on another (and the connected lights or other electrical
C-Bus Wireless units include scene capabilities, which allow
the user to perform a series of actions across multiple outputs
by pressing a single button. For example, on arrival home a
home owner could use a scene to switch on lights in the
hallway, kitchen and lounge, and also switch on a heater.

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C-BUS Wireless Switch

C-BUE Wireless Plug Adaptor

C-BUS Wireless Gateway




C-BUS Software



C-BUS Toolkit

The C-Bus Software Toolkit includes the new version of the C-Bus installation software. This new version supports WindowsTM 98SE, ME, 2000 and XP. The software supports a new and unique Barcode Scanning programming feature, in addition to traditional programming methods.

The barcode scanning technique allows the installer to scan the C-Bus
packaging of each new unit to automatically add the unit to the C-Bus project database. This ensures the correct unit type is added and saves the installer having to select from a list of unit types.

C-bus units are packaged with adhesive serial number labels that can be affixed to plans etc. Units already added to a Network can then be recalled by scanning the Serial Number of the Unit.



Schedule Plus & HomeGate
Schedule Plus and HomeGate software packages provide a powerful and easy to use interface to C-Bus via a standard PC.

Schedule Plus has been developed specifically for commercial and industrial applications, and HomeGate for residential environments. The software packages provide scheduling, manual control and monitoring of a C-Bus system from a PC running Windows 98SE, 2000, NT, ME or XP.
Version 3 of Schedule Plus and HomeGate include a number of major new features, including a fully featured programmable logic engine.


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C-BUS Colour Touch Screen

C-Bus Colour Touch Screen provides a wall mounted, touch sensitive LCD screen that can display pages of graphical items, such as buttons, sliders and images. These graphical items perform C-Bus related functions when pressed.
The unit also includes a real time clock for automatic scheduling of events based on the time of day, week, month or year. The touch screen allows control via an Infrared hand-held remote control unit.
C-Touch Colour can be completely customised to suit user requirements via the included Windows™ compatible configuration software.

The software also includes a Logic Engine module that allows the installer to program logic based (if-then-else) control into the touch screen

Available in Neo and Saturn Glass style surrounds, the Colour Touch Screen is aesthetically appealing and an extremely functional addition to the comprehensive range of C-Bus products.







C-BUS Multi-Room Audio


The C-Bus Multi-Room Audio System allows users to listen to and control audio sources from convenient locations arounda home.

The system is both simple to install and easy to use.
The system has been designed utilising new digital audio distribution technology (developed by Clipsal), in conjunction with Clipsal C-Bus core technology for system communication and integration.
Clipsal’s digital audio distribution technology allows for noise and interference free audio reproduction, whilst the C-Bus technology allows the audio products to be seamlessly integrated and used with all existing C-Bus products.

For example, volume can all be controlled from the same C-Bus Switch or Touch Screen controlling lighting.
In addition, the system allows any input audio source to be made available in any audio zone. Changes to the input audio source can easily be made by the user from a local C-Bus device at any time, regardless of where the audio source equipment (e.g., CD Player) is physically located.
It is compatible with most audio sources; it accommodates standard stereo line level analogue inputs as well as digital audio TOSlink inputs.
Infrared signals from hand held remote controls can be routed through the system by connecting IR targets and emitters.

IR commands can also be stored by the system and activated by programmed C-Bus commands.
The C-Bus Multi-Room Audio System allows a number of different system layout options. This flexibility allows for a wide range of customer needs and installation requirements.

Two example schematics are shown opposite.
Option A

This basic option allows a single audio source to be available to a number of C-Bus Audio Amplifiers and to be controlled from convenient locations around the home (via any combination of C-Bus input devices).This option requires one Cat-5 cable for the Audio distribution, with this cable cascaded between each Audio Amplifier.

Option B
This option allows more fl exibility. Multiple audio sources are made available to all audio zones, with all the audio sources selectable on a zone-by-zone basis via C-Bus Input Devices.
This option requires a separate (star wired) Cat-5 Audio cable to each Audio Amplifier in a zone.


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C-BUS Toolkit Software








Homegate and Scheduler Plus Software














C-BUS Colour Touch Screen













C-BUS Multi-Room Audio Matrix Switcher







C-BUS Multi-Room Audio Amplifiers



















What is C-BUS

C-Bus2 is a microprocessor controlled wiring system used to control lighting and other electrical services.

C-Bus2 makes it easy to control all kinds of electrical services within homes and buildings

From simple to sophisticated controlling, the advantages of C-Bus2 are many. And the possibilities are almost endless.

For example, lights, security, air-conditioning/heating, Audio/Visual and even watering the lawn can be programmed to suit you.

Best of all, the modular design lets you start with a basic system and add new services to it whenever you want.

C-Bus2 is often programmed with a computer but you can program it manually too.



How C-Bus2 Works
The C-Bus2 Network Bus is the system’s communications network.

Unshielded twisted pair (UTP) Category 5 cable allows communication between units and provides the small amount of power needed to operate the circuitry that many C-Bus2 units have.

C-Bus2 relay units and dimmer units are the links between the mains power supply and the various switches and sensors used to control a building’s electrical services.

The C-Bus2 network is electrically isolated from the mains power and operates at a safe extra low voltage level (36V DC).




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C-BUS Input/Output Chart